Shopifyzer - Discover great deals near you

Shopifyzer Shopifyzer is a platform for publishing offers on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and computers.

Shopifyzer shows you offers near you, so you can get great deals on the go.

With Shopifyzer application for Android/iOS you can:
- Discover offers near you in a certain distance;
- Get special deals on the go, directly on your mobile phone;
- Receive notifications;
- View on the map the merchants offering the deals;
- Get directly in contact with the merchants.

More info here.

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Multiple angle camera player

Video streaming The multiple-camera-angle player allows users to be their own director.
For multi-cam broadcasts, such as live and on-demand sporting events and concerts, this type of player provides users with a whole new way to experience the action.

Key features:
- Four selectable camera angles, putting the end user in the director's chair;
- Video Quality up to1080p HD, based on each user's bandwidth and hardware;
- Timeline with instant seeking;
- Markers on the timeline provide a visual way to find key events;
- Fast video preview on the timeline;
- Key Events menu provides a text-rich way to see all key events at a glance;
- Play Controls include Skip Forward and Skip Backward (5 seconds), Slow Motion (0.25x), Play/Pause, and Replay (5 seconds);
- Full screen mode;
- Video delivered to computers (supported browsers: Chrome, IE, Mozilla), laptops, tablets or mobile phones (iPhone, Windows Phone).

You can find a demo here. (Silverlight client and video published using Azure Media Services)
Download player presentation.

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Android Azure The application allows end user to add daily activities.

Key features:
- Developed for Android devices;
- Powered by Microsoft Cloud Azure Mobile Service;
- Microsoft/Facebook/Twitter/Google authentication;
- Restriction of data permissions to authenticated users;
- Data filter based on the authenticated user;
- Mobile service validation of data using scripts;
- Provided also HTML/JavaScript version.

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AgingNice (R&D project)

AgingNice AgingNice is an eHealth platform (anti-aging domain) that facilitates communcation between professionals and between them and citizens.

Modules implemented:
- For specialists;
- For citizens;
- About anti-aging;
- Anti-aging campains;
- Organizations, clincs, asociations, foundations;
- Publications;
- Anti-aging glossary;
- Forum.

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